Ampleplay Established in London by Tjinder Singh & Ben Ayres. Purveyors of independent music but not plinky plonky independent music. Artists include Clinton, Beat Mark, Cornershop, The Toes, The Sufis, Sudden Death of Stars, Bed Rugs, Bubbley Kaur, The Paperhead, The Smoking Trees & Matsuki Ayumu.

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Sudden Death of Starsがまたやってくれた。今年9月のサイケデリックは本当に豊作になるだろう。BurgerからBoys Ageと同時期にカセットリリースをしたひとつであるこのフランスのオルガンサイケポップバンドが、先日、日本からの使者まつきあゆむをリリースしたAmple Play Records/UKからシングルを発表!特に3曲目の「Ohh-La-Lala-」っていうコテコテのコーラスと、吹奏楽アレンジはビューティフル。


So I just discovered the band Cornershop …. yep looks like the next couple of hours are just going to be spent listening to them none stop!


Cornershop - Free Love


So I just discovered the band Cornershop …. yep looks like the next couple of hours are just going to be spent listening to them none stop!

The Young Sinclairs ‘You’re Tied’ MPFree


The Young Sinclairs - portrait by Brandi Price.

Most modern-day garage rock bands aim to sound as hard as possible, but The Young Sinclairs from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are a ’60s-influenced group who’ve sworn allegiance to the jingle jangle sound of classic folk-rock and early stirrings of psychedelia.  The Young Sinclairs emerged from the Magic Twig Community, like-minded musicians operating their own recording studio, deep in the woods where they have produced and engineered all their recordings.

Their album ‘This is the Young Sinclairs’ is out on Ample Play on 13th October and we’re pleased to give you the track opener ‘You’re Tied’ as an MPFree for a limited amount of time.

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I buy far too much vinyl for someone who still hasn’t actually ordered a deck yet
I got Penthouse and Pavement (Heaven 17), Introspective (Pet Shop Boys), High Island High Rain (Aztec Camera), and a ridiculously rare Cornershop Single Sided 12” Promo/Demo of Butter the Soul. It’s only like 1 of 500, and I got t for £2 because the blank side had graffiti on it. :’)

Sudden Death of Stars September 2014 dates + new single


image by Rocketscience.

“The least French-sounding band in France” (Uncut Magazine) mark their return to these shores with a new single.

The Stars as they have become to be known showcase their songwriting and imaginative instrumentation with 3 songs.  The main track ‘The Break Up’ has the spirit of Riot Grrrl and joyous vintage organs‘All About You’ could have been written in the heights of Muswell Hill, and ‘The Love Substitute’ ends this 3 song blast of brilliance with horn accompaniment. Most complete even when you break it up.

13/09 Shacklewell Arms, London free entry

14/09 Smoked & Uncut Food & Music Festival, Bath

18/09 Point Ephemere, Paris with Quilt

26/09 Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax

27/09 Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

photo by Richard Gray

An Ample Play release, a monster compilation - The Time And Space Machine Presents ‘The Way Out Sound From In’


"It’s about time someone got together a killer compilation of Time And Space Machine Mixes. From start to finish this is a full set of end to end burners - Warpaint, Jagwar Ma, Temples, Psychemagik and more all get the treatment. The perfect soundtrack to those phased-out psychedelic summer nights.” Rough Trade Shops

Ample Play Records release a heavy duty collection of Richard Norris’ recent Time And Space Machine Mixes on August 25th.  A man of many guises, he has operated as a duo - as The Grid with Dave Ball, as Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve with Erol Alkan - but when it’s time for some solo sonic action, he records and remixes as The Time and Space Machine.  We find him at it here: 'The Way Out Sound From In’, reworking the most cosmic beat combos around into hitherto unheard psychedelic shapes.  Warpaint, Jagwar Ma, Temples, Psychemagik, The Sufis and more fall into the Time and Space Machine and come out the other side with wider grins and shinier eyes.  It’s The Way Out Sound From In….all aboard.

"I’m lucky enough to work with some of my favourite artists. I try to stay true to them while adding technicolor and hypnosis to the mix."  Richard Norris


 1. Warpaint - Disco//Very - TT&SM Remix

2. Jagwar Ma - Uncertainty - TT&SM Dub

3. Temples - Mesmerize - TT&SM Remix

4. Cheval Sombre - Couldn’t Do - TT&SM Remix

5. The Sufis - Sri Sai Flora - TT&SM Remix

6. The Lucid Dream - Devil Rides Out - TT&SM Remix

7. A Mountain Of One - Ride - TTSM Remix

8. Psychemagik - Valley Of Paradise - TT&SM Remix

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